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In 6 years, i have transformed 10000+ people globally, Losing weight & Managing their health with Holistic Diet & Lifestyle Approach

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A Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant in Punjab

With a very strong will to change the mindset of people about health. As a  best dietitian in Patiala, Punjab she always carried a dream to do something different in her life which can help people in better way. So, she chose to guide people in changing their lifestyle & reverse their diseases with the diets & healthy living.

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Dietitian Sheenam Kalra offers a very unique concept of diet that is difficult to find in other dietitians. What makes her diet plans more unique and super easy is that if there are no complex meals, she purely promotes the concept of “Dal, Roti and Sabji” which makes it super easy for her clients to follow. She makes your ‘Health Journey’ comfortable, easy, and motivating!


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