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  • Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism

    The Ultimate Diet Plan for Hypothyroidism: Best Tips and Care

    Are you suffering from weight gain due to hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism is believed to be a common health condition affecting men and women across the world. Based on a recent study, the prevalence of hypothyroidism is quite high, affecting more than 1 in 10 adults. Women of old age have been mostly affected due to the […]

  • Recipe: Immunity booster drink

    Ingredients:1 tsp Raw Turmeric powder1 tsp cinnamon powder1 tsp ginger2 holy basil leaves1 tsp lemon juicePinch black pepper. Method:Add 300 ml water…

  • Recipe: Three beans salad

    Ingredients:1/2 cup Rajma (Large Kidney Beans) , soaked overnight1/2 cup Kabuli Chana (White Chickpeas) , soaked overnight1/2 cup Black Eyed Beans…

  • Home made protein powder

    Ingredients: 100 gms roasted channa 100 gms soya granules 100 gms almonds 100 gms chasewnuts 30 gms sesame seeds 30 gms flax seeds 30 gms chia…