20 gms Roasted Vermicelli
1 tbsp soaked chia seeds
200 ml low fat milk
Mix fruits of your choice & availability
4-5 soaked almonds
2 walnuts
2-3 raisins
Some tutty fruits
Pinch cardamon powder

Take a pan.. Heat low fat milk in a pan.. Add cardamon powder and Roasted vermicelli and cook it vigrously at low flame.. Cook it until the consistency get little thicker..
Now add soaked chia seeds to it &mix it well.. Now let it cool for 10 minutes.. Meanwhile, chop the mix fruits and nuts.. Now after 10 minutes, mix all of the fruits, Mango & Banana can be put as a natural sweetener to it.. Now take a beautiful glass. Just pour that mixture into glass and top it with mix fruits & nuts .. Now keep it in refigerator for 3-4 hours.. And serve it cool

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