Diabetic neuropathy (Foot Problems) is damage of the nerves that’s caused by diabetes. The high content of blood sugar in the blood of a person with diabetes damages nerves over time.
Neuropathy is one of the common effects of diabetes. People always rely only on medicines & neglect their dietary needs. Diet is as important as taking medicines to supress the symptoms of diabetes & to stop the complications.
Managing diabetic neuropathy
While you can’t reverse the damage from neuropathy, there are ways to help manage the condition, including:
lowering your blood sugar
treating nerve pain
regularly checking your feet to make sure they are free of injury, wounds, or infection
Managing your blood glucose is important because it can help prevent additional damage to your nerves. You can better manage your blood glucose through the following methods:
Avoid foods high in excess sugars, including sodas, sweetened drinks and coffees, fruit juices, and processed snacks and candy bars.
Eat foods high in fiber. These foods typically help keep blood sugars at a steady state.
Eat foods that contain healthy fats, like those from olive oil and nuts, and choose lean proteins like chicken, egg whites
Eat vegetables and plant-based proteins regularly, such as beans and tofu.
Exercise at least five times a week, 30 minutes each time. Include aerobic activity and weight training in your routine.
Monitor your blood sugar levels. This will help you identify patterns and unusual changes in your blood sugar levels.
Add adequate amount of B- Complex Vitamins in your diet.
Avoid the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Stop Smoking.
In addition to managing your blood glucose levels, it’s important to pay attention to your feet and legs in order to prevent further damage to your feet or legs:
regularly check your feet for open wounds or sores
clip your toenails
wash your feet with soap and water regularly
keep your feet dry & avoid the moisture in toes.
avoid walking barefoot
avoid wearing high heels.

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