How are your diets like?

First of all let us clear that, We believe in healthy eating with well balanced diet. We will not let our patients & clients feel like that they are on diet.
So, Diets designed by us are purely on the basis of traditional & home based foods which will also include Chapati & Vegetables (Roti Sabji) in it. Importance is given to local and traditional food. All diet plans are long term sustainable.
You will be surprised to know that our diet plans are not based on bland foods which only contains salads or soups. Moreover, Our diets will give you more satiety, energy and healing power. Our diet plans are designed to assist you integrate healthy eating in your lifestyle. You do not have to restrict yourself too much and you do not have to starve yourself.

What Are the requirements to join?

All we need is your Determination, Dedication, Devotion & Your Patience for your lifelong results.

How Much I Can lose in 1 month ?

We want to make you understand that loosing weight is not analysing the numbers on the scale. But it is more than that. Just to give you the idea, we can say your body can safely loose 3-4 Kg in 1 month with good amount of inch loss but results will be dependent upon your body system, your health conditions, your metabolic rate, your level of physical activity & your dedication towards reaching your goals.

Can I loose my Fat from Arms, Breast, Thighs, Hips or from specific area with your diet?

NO, Only Diet cannot help you to loose the fat from the particular spot areas. Well Balanced Diet along with good amount of workout will help you to loose the fat from particular area. Otherwise, Your body loses fat proportionately from wherever the fat deposits are.

Do you guarantee the Weight Loss?

Our Weight loss programmes are purely on the basis of well balanced diet which ll help you to reach your body goals with good amount of weight loss and inch loss & will make you more disciplined towards your lifestyle & eating habits..
We do not guarantee the amount of weight loss such as 10-15 kgs in 1-2 months because it is purely on the basis of lifestyle modification not on basis of magic pills.. But we assure you ll be more happy after the results.

Do you provide Supplements or Pills for Weight loss?

A big NO! We do not recommend any kind of weight loss supplements or magic pills. We believe in healthy eating & lifestyle modifications which will help you to shed the extra weight naturally with the diet & lifestyle changes only.

Can you provide the sample/ demo plan?

All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle. Therefore we are unable to provide you any sample diet plans.

What Other things I have to do while following the diet?

Be Stress free
Be Positive
Be Patient
Keep yourself moving
Trust your Dietitian

How can I contact you while following the diet?

You can Chat with us or Can call us during the working hours. (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)
Contact : +91 7888711292
Whatsapp: +91 7888711292

Have Queries before join?

Directly call us at +91 7888711292 or chat with us on whatsapp +91 7888711292.

Can I Get the refund if I am not satisfied?

No refund can be initiated due to nature of services provided by us, under any circumstances. If you interrupt or stop the ongoing programme for any reason (such as change of mind, pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you.